Professional Polishing Services Re-joins MIM

By Professional Polishing Services Ltd
schedule13th Oct 21

UK leading stainless steel polishing firm Professional Polishing Services (PPS) has recently re-joined Made in the Midlands. The Birmingham based company joined the group to be part of an organisation that continuously flies the flag for British manufacturing, especially during the pandemic. 

Professional Polishing Services Ltd is the UK Market Leader in polishing stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and bronze. The firm prides themselves on the fact that they have capabilities of polishing sheet, plate, coil, flat bar, sections, profiles, balustrades, laser cut panels, square and rectangular tube to a variety of finishes. Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, Managing Director of PPS, said:

“We mainly polish free issue material for stakeholders in the architectural and food and drink industries. We’ve rejoined Made in the Midlands because we understand the integral part manufacturing makes in our everyday lives. For example, there is very little you can do without polished stainless steel. The average person will come into contact with one of our finishes at least 30 times a day.”

PPS was a founding member of Made in the Midlands, however left the group to make major investments within the company. This saw the company spend a third of their turnover in one year on new machinery. However they have decided to rejoin the group as they fully believed in MIM’s mission throughout the pandemic - branding manufacturers as heroes for their efforts throughout the pandemic. Kirsty continued:

“We believe MIM flew the flag for manufacturing, especially during the pandemic when major news outlets were slating those who went to work such as manufacturers. MIM was promoting manufacturing as essential in a respectful way, developing online networking opportunities and hosting insightful webinars for the sector to get involved with.”

PPS is keen to network with like minded manufacturers who work in the same industry sector as they do. They especially look forward to being part of the networking events, such as the famous Backing Britain Breakfast mornings to learn best practice on energy usage as the world looks to manufacturing to accelerate its journey to net-zero. Kirsty concluded:

“The new hybrid format of working from home and in the office and attending meetings online and in-person isn't going anywhere and I believe MIM has been tending to this new format very well. We look forward to hearing about how other manufacturers have diversified during the pandemic and of course attending in person events to build lasting connections with fellow UK manufacturers.” 

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